Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix

Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix is a specially formulated complete food source for growing insectivorous animals, containing high-quality ingredients like whole egg, chicken meat, and essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development.


Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix is a specially formulated diet for the rearing of insectivorous animals, such as birds, reptiles, and marsupials. It is a complete food source that is nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of growing animals.

The mix contains high-quality ingredients such as whole egg, chicken meat, whey protein, and soy protein. It is also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the proper growth and development of the animals.

The Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix is easy to use, simply mix it with water to create a creamy paste, which can be fed to the animals via syringe or spoon. It can also be offered as a moist crumble or formed into pellets for older animals.

This diet is designed to provide a complete and balanced nutrition for growing insectivorous animals, helping to promote healthy growth, strong immune systems, and overall well-being.


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