The Australian Constitution as it is Actually Written Paperback – 3 April 2015

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“The Australian Constitution as it is Actually Written” is a comprehensive analysis of the Australian Constitution in its original written form. Written by experts in the field, this paperback book provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles, structures, and procedures that govern the Australian political system.

The book provides a detailed interpretation of the Constitution’s various sections and provisions, including the role of the Australian Parliament, the executive government, and the judiciary. It also examines the relationship between the Commonwealth and the States, and the various powers that are vested in each.

The authors of this book provide an insightful analysis of the Constitution’s historical context and the debates surrounding its drafting and ratification. They also explore the implications of the Constitution’s provisions for contemporary Australian politics and society, discussing topics such as the separation of powers, the protection of individual rights, and the role of the High Court.


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