“Pack of 50 1mL Syringes with Caps for Laboratory Use”

This “Pack of 50 1mL Syringes  with caps, suitable for medical and laboratory use. Each syringe is designed for accurate and precise measurement of small volumes, with clear markings for easy reading. The included caps provide secure and sterile storage of the syringe contents. This pack is a convenient and cost-effective solution for healthcare professionals, researchers, and students in need of a large quantity of syringes for their work.


The Pack of 50 1mL Syringes with Caps is an essential tool for laboratory use, research, and medical settings. This set of syringes is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements of liquids and gases, making it ideal for a range of applications.

Each syringe in the pack has a capacity of 1 milliliter and is made from high-quality, medical-grade plastic material that is durable and easy to handle. The syringe barrel is clear, allowing for easy viewing of the contents, and the plunger is designed to move smoothly and accurately without any sticking or resistance.

The syringe comes with a detachable needle that can be easily attached and removed, depending on the application. Additionally, the syringe is equipped with a cap that fits snugly over the needle and syringe tip, ensuring that the contents remain secure and preventing any leakage.


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