“1000 Quick & Easy Keto Recipes with Meal Plan”

This cookbook offers 1000 easy and delicious keto recipes for all meals and includes a 21-day meal plan. Perfect for beginners and busy people looking for healthy and tasty meal options while following the ketogenic diet.


“1000 Quick & Easy Keto Recipes with Meal Plan” is a comprehensive cookbook designed for beginners following the ketogenic diet. With 1000 recipes to choose from, this cookbook provides a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.

In addition to the extensive recipe collection, the book also includes a 21-day meal plan, making it easy for busy people to plan their meals and stick to their diet. Each recipe is easy to follow and includes nutritional information to help readers track their macros and ensure they are staying within their daily limits.

Whether you are just starting on your keto journey or looking for new recipe ideas, “1000 Quick & Easy Keto Recipes with Meal Plan” is the perfect resource for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and delicious ketogenic diet.


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