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“DVD Home Theater System for Immersive Sound and Entertainment”


Upgrade your entertainment experience with our DVD home theater system, featuring high-quality surround sound speakers for an immersive audio and visual experience.



Our DVD home theater system is the perfect addition to any entertainment setup, providing you with an immersive audio and visual experience. With high-quality surround sound speakers, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, whether you’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or streaming your favorite TV show. The DVD player is compatible with a wide range of formats, so you can enjoy all of your favorite media without any compatibility issues. Plus, the sleek and modern design of the system will fit seamlessly into any home decor. Upgrade your entertainment experience with our DVD home theater system and enjoy your favorite media like never before.

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Antenna Terminal (FM 75 Ohm)





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Tuner Type



FM: 87.5 MHz-108.0 MHz (100 kHzstep)

Supplied Cable

3 Meters

5 reviews for “DVD Home Theater System for Immersive Sound and Entertainment”

  1. Joseph Scott

    Good speakers for the price

    I bought these speakers along with my TV and got them for around 40 dollars less, I think they were on sale then. For the price, they deliver well. Some people complain about the low volume but I found it sufficient for a average sized room.
    My only complaint is the long wires. I wish I had bought wireless speakers since the wires look pretty ugly especially for the back speakers. I would suggest buying wireless speakers

  2. James Koster

    Great sound Improvement-Great price

    Really enhances sound of otherwise tinny TV speakers. I was surprised how much better it made the sound experience.

  3. Cobus Bester

    Not bad, but not exceptional

    I have had this system for less than 6 months. I have always been disappointed with the volume. I always use it on the MAX setting. It\’s not a bad system and considering the price I\’d say it\’s acceptable. As for the DVD, it stopped working about a week ago and I just haven\’t gone through the hassle of getting warranty work. I\’m sure SONY will repair it for me, but 6 months sure seems like a short time.

  4. Stuart

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Love it !!! You get what you pay for , but this system is great! I actually bought this off ebay for my birthday and for the price this system outdoes itself!!

  5. Maria

    Decent Sound

    I\’m pleased with the loud, clear and powerful sound when using DVD or FM features. When Cable TV is selected the sound is duller, lower and not as clear. Tried every cable input and out connection but the sound did not improve. Purchased 2 HDMI cables 1 for Video and 1 for Audio. The Cable TV sound improved very little. Keeping for now.

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