Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner Pad, 8 Count

Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner Pads are perfect for removing tough stains and marks from surfaces around your home. This 8 count pack of pads can be used on walls, floors, appliances, and more, and is effective at removing scuffs, crayon marks, and other stubborn stains. The magic eraser technology works like a charm, leaving surfaces looking clean and refreshed.

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Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner Pad is a highly effective cleaning solution for tough stains and marks on various surfaces. With its unique micro-scrubbers and cleaning agents, it can easily remove stubborn dirt, grime, and scuff marks from walls, floors, tiles, and other surfaces. The eraser pad is easy to use and requires only water, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution. The pack contains 8 pads, ensuring you have enough to tackle multiple cleaning tasks.


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