Bluey: Where’s Bluey?: A Search-and-Find Book Paperback – Picture Book, 30 March 2021.

“Bluey: Where’s Bluey?” is a children’s picture book that follows Bluey, an adventurous blue heeler pup, as she plays hide-and-seek with her family and friends. The book is designed as a search-and-find adventure, where young readers are invited to join in the game of finding Bluey on each page, as she hides in various places throughout the house and yard. Along the way, readers will also encounter other beloved characters from the popular Australian animated television series “Bluey”. This interactive book is perfect for young children who enjoy engaging with stories through interactive play and exploration.


“Bluey: Where’s Bluey?” is an exciting search-and-find book based on the popular Australian animated TV series, “Bluey”. This picture book, released on 30th March 2021, is perfect for young readers aged 3-5 who enjoy interactive stories.

The book takes readers on a fun-filled adventure as they search for Bluey, a loveable blue heeler dog, and her family. Each page is filled with vibrant, detailed illustrations of Bluey’s world, including her family’s house, the park, and even outer space! As readers explore each scene, they will need to search for Bluey and her family members, who are cleverly hidden within each illustration.

With over 100 things to find in each scene, “Bluey: Where’s Bluey?” will keep young readers engaged and entertained for hours. The book also includes fun facts about the show and its characters, adding an educational element to the story.

Overall, “Bluey: Where’s Bluey?” is an exciting and engaging search-and-find book that will capture the imaginations of young readers and fans of the “Bluey” TV series.


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