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Beats Studio


The world’s most famous headphone has been completely redesigned and reimagined. The new Beats Studio® is lighter, sexier, stronger, and more comfortable, with precision sound, Adaptive Noise Canceling, a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and RemoteTalk™. It has all the energy and excitement you expect from Beats, plus a powerful, reengineered sound.



The Beats Studio is a premium set of wireless over-ear headphones that offer excellent sound quality and advanced noise cancelling technology. These headphones are designed to provide an immersive listening experience, whether you’re listening to music or taking calls.

The Beats Studio features a sleek and modern design that’s both stylish and comfortable. The ear cups are made of soft, plush material that conforms to your ears for a comfortable fit, and they’re also adjustable to fit any head size. The headphones fold up neatly for easy storage and transport.

One of the standout features of the Beats Studio is their advanced noise cancelling technology. This technology actively blocks out external sounds, so you can focus on your music or calls without any distractions. The headphones also have a transparency mode, which allows you to hear your surroundings when you need to.

The sound quality of the Beats Studio is top-notch, with deep bass and crisp highs that bring your music to life. They’re also equipped with Apple’s W1 chip, which provides seamless connectivity

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5 reviews for Beats Studio

  1. Andrew

    I bought this headphones a couple of days ago and I was stunned with the sound, I just couldn\’t believe it, the price didn\’t seem that fair but they are worth it.

  2. Lloyd Budd

    What I needed.

    I was using the same pair of Sony MDR -7506 headphones for about 10 Years. It was time for an upgrade. The beats were what I expected and a little more. The bass is insane. The frame is very strong, so I don\’t see them breaking.

  3. Alex Shiels


    The headphones are good for listening, but if you use them for your studio; make sure that you check the sound with the studio monitors. I do not hear a pop sound in the headphones, but after producing a beat you can hear static and popping sounds from other sources. Checked all my equipment and had to continue changing the freq. setting just to make it sound correct. In conclusion still good for listening to music, but not so much with production. Also not comfortable for long periods of producing; it really hurts and pinch your head.

  4. Joseph Scott

    Excellent headphones!!!

    I love this headphones. I pre-ordered this and had to wait almost 2 months before finally receiving them. The sound is excellent as well as the construction quality. I own a pair of the Monster Beats Solo HD headphones and I love them. I use them for traveling and regular use. But I read that the construction quality wasn\’t that well and I was afraid I was going to brake them (I haven\’t, thankfully). So I decided to purchase the Pros because the build quality looked good and I liked the style. Once I opened up the box and handled them, I could definitely tell that the headphones were very sturdy. The flip feature is pretty cool especially since I have to listen out for my 3 year old. I like the thickness of the cord. The lock feature is great for securing the cord since the headphones are detachable. I think the sound quality is very good. I\’m a big fan of hip-hop but I listen to other genres as well. The bass is powerful but not overwhelming. You can get that great bass while receiving the highs and mids without it being drowned out. The highs and mids are excellent. Since I\’ve been listening to music with these, I have been hearing things within the music that I\’ve never heard before. You can really tell when you\’re listening via a high quality player. When I listen to my music on my Beats Audio HP, I can definitely hear more of the music. I was comparing my Solo HD and my Pros. The Pros have more detail in them than the Solo HD. I definitely recommend purchasing these headphones. Although they are pricey, they are a great invesmemt that will last you years to come.

  5. Jason bradley

    Monster beats Pro

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. I can\’t believe the negative reviews on this product. The Monster beats Pro is not to heavy on the ears after wearing them for hours. the headphones are very comfortable and made rugged to last for many years to come. i thought my other headphones were great. No comparison. You will be so happy when you buy the beats pro headphones. Try them on before you buy them. You will see what I mean. Monster beats Pro brings music to a whole new level. i\’m excited about my music again. i love the bass, trebles and high sounds and just love my Monster beats pro headphones. They are truly the best on the market today and worth every penny.

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