Shopping for juicers can be an experiment in buzzwords. “Nutrition,” “Oxidation,” and “Masticating,” are just some for the terms you can see when you’re looking for a juice extractor. We know it is not at all times very easy to find out what’s essential and what’s nonsense that is just advertising and marketing especially when shopping online. So, we decided to succeed simple for you. We’ve put together a summary of the most truly effective 5 juicers with this 12 month. You need to be helped by these reviews see just what really matters when you’re buying a juicer. If it’s not enough, we’ve additionally created a buyer’s guide that is built to coach you on in regards to the wonderful realm of juicers to enable you to be taking pleasure in a delicious beverage at the earliest opportunity. If you need to find the juice extractor that’s right for you personally, you’ve started to just the right place.

5 Best Juicers Under $100

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Breville BJE200XL Juicer – Best Overall

The Breville BJE200XL is a monster juice extractor, able to handle entire fresh fruits without breaking a-sweat. It has feed that is extra-large which lets you drop plenty of healthy vegetables and fruit in simultaneously, which saves you time. It also features a powerful motor this is certainly 700-watt is capable of running through those large lots. Even it features a extremely compact design, authorized by storing the pulp in the unit until you’re done if you’re just making enough juice for single serving, all that energy means that you’ll be done extremely quickly when compared with other juicers. And, relative to various other juicers. It’s also an easy task to cleanse, and dishwasher-safe, meaning as you do along with other units that you don’t need certainly to immediately clean it by hand. The main one disadvantage is there’s a gap that is small the sides for the blade that greens love to fall through, but some creative management for the meals can simply solve this issue. This would be our juicer that is best for under $100. Overall, you can’t spread a juicer with this power this is certainly much ability if you’re going to be juicing a lot.


  • Extra-large feed tube
  • effective motor
  • Compact design


Greens slide through


The build quality of the juice extractor matters loads for the reason that it describes the toughness for the device. Sagnart juice extractor that is centrifugal made of 304 stainless combined with the coating of ABS. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about human body and rusting degradation as its anti-corrosive. The other features tend to be sharp blades, reusable filters, high liquid yielding, and dual-speed controls. The large yielding of juice and optimum extraction this is certainly nutrient ensured as well. There are several settings present in the juicer, which includes jog mode and speed settings. The mode that is low-speed which will be 12,000 RMP, is most effective for softer fruits & vegetables, including orange, banana, spinach, etc. High-speed mode operates at 15,000 RMP hence employed while juicing of harder vegetables & fruits, including oranges, carrots, etc. The run mode is used in the event any veggie or fruit gets blocked thus, It helps to discharge the blockage.

Why do we enjoy it?

  • BPA-Free
  • Dual Speed
  • Overheat Protection
  • Anti-drip

Mooka B5100 Masticating Juicer

The Mooka B51000 Masticating Juicer does a job this is certainly great of fabricating juice, while also keeping it cool and far from oxygen, which could lower the nutritional value of your juice.  Though this indicates doing really in this category even among masticating juicers.

It also features two rates, meaning you are able to run it quicker for vegetable or other harder meals, and then slow it straight down when you really need a top-notch juicing of something soft, like leafy greens because it is a masticating juice extractor, it features a much better pulp-to-juice proportion. This is often a very design this is certainly peaceful that can be additional of good use if you don’t wish to make a lot of noise each morning. What keeps it of first is while it features a reverse equipment to eliminate this issue, it regularly does not have the energy to do so. Overall, this is an exemplary masticating juice extractor, especially if you’re going to be working with softer veggies and fresh fruits.


  • Good pulp-to-juice ratio
  • Low heat
  • Two speeds
  • Quiet


  • Clogs


Mueller juicer has a sleek design therefore takes up less counter space that it occasionally blocks with hefty vegetable lots, and. In addition, the juicer has all of the specifications which are found in a juicer that is pricey. The Mueller juice extractor allows extraction of sixteen cup that is oz of at the same time. As found in other high-quality juicers, it features dual rate settings; large and speed that is reduced. Cleaning of this juicer takes almost no time. The grinding blades are razor-sharp and surrounded by a mesh filter which ensures no pulp is blended in using the juice. Feed chute being an important part of a juicer, plays a task that is significant. The feed chute associated with the Mueller juicer is three ins wide which means the fresh fruit that is whole be added in to extract the liquid, and there is no need to reduce all of them in halves. The locking this is certainly safe ensure no spilling of liquid through the processing. The juicer gets power down automatically in the event of a power-supply this is certainly volatile. We would recommend you to definitely purchase this juicer that is extraordinary offering it an additional thought.

Why do we want it?

  • Wide Feed Chute
  • Anti-drip
  • High Quality
  • Durable

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer – Best Value

 The Hamilton Beach 67601A is our choice for juicer that is best for the money. It’s a juicer that is powerful able to handle whole fruits & vegetables. Its chute that is extra-large means you are able to place considerable amounts of meals in at a time, which saves time. In addition, it comes with a pulp that is extra-large which means you can make a ton of liquid at a time and never having to end and empty out of the container. That is a great feature if you’re regularly going to be making liquid for many individuals at a time.

This model can also be simple to cleanse, coming with dishwasher-safe parts, by hand with the included cleansing device if you so want though you can cleanse all of them. In accordance with the purchase price, they are a lot of great features that you’d anticipate on more units that are costly although not fundamentally at this cost. One shortcoming that is noticeable that these design produces “wetter” pulp than other designs, but you can constantly operate the pulp via a second time for you to maximize performance.


  • Powerful
  • Wide feed chute
  • Extra-large pulp bin
  • Dishwasher-safe parts


  • Poor pulp-to-juice rat

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